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Sewer & Drain

To operate correctly, your plumbing must be free of clogs and other obstructions that prevent the travel of water to your local sewer system. The sewer pipes need to be clear of interference as well.

If your water starts backing up anywhere inside, such as in a sink or a bathtub, it can quickly become a problem that needs to be resolved just as fast. This can be especially true if you live or work in an aged structure with older plumbing and sewer systems.

Aquaduct swiftly fixes your issue with the right skill and equipment for drains and sewer pipes with freely flowing water.

Grease Build-Up Removal

A top cause of a clogged drain is the build-up of grease, especially in a kitchen sink. Over time we pour a good amount of grease and other viscous materials down the drain. If they are hot, they get thicker and harder as they cool. Hot water from the faucet can add even more to their density. Sometimes you can clear the clog yourself, but in other cases you’ll need a professional. Simply let Aquaduct know and we’ll be there to restore the right flow.

Sewer Televising, Jetting & Rodding

If you have a sewage pipe with a problematic obstruction, we can insert a push reel with a camera lens into the pipe to identify it. The camera can also let us know if any other problems are present that should be resolved before they get bigger.

With the obstruction identified, the next step may be jetting the pipe by power-washing it with a highly pressurized hose. This cleans the pipe of all blockages, including materials such as sludge, grease and oils.

Another way we might clear a clog or obstruction is by sending a steel cable with an attachment head into your sewer or drain system, a process known as rodding.

Sewer Line Repair, Replacement & Cleaning

A clean, intact sewer line is important to proper water drainage and flow as well as personal and environmental safety. Signs of a line needing repair or replacement can be slow drainage, flooded or foul-smelling areas in the yard, or water damage in the home.

In any of these events, you’ll need a skilled professional to clean, fix or replace the line. Aquaduct specializes in identifying the source and location of a sewer-line problem and correcting it promptly.

Aquaduct’s professionals also excel in outside yard clean-up of sewer complications and replacement of a collapsed sewer.

Root Removal

Because they are drawn to water sources, tree roots are a common cause of sewer difficulties. Once they contact a sewer pipe, the roots typically wrap around and break into it, where they can clog, weaken or even break the pipe. Aquaduct clears out intrusive tree roots that interfere with your sewer system.


Digging a trench for water or sewer lines involves more than just moving and clearing out earth – it also requires knowing if the ground can hold the weight intended for it and being able to preserve surrounding structures and landscaping. We provide precise excavation with the right equipment guided by the right experience.

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We welcome each opportunity to ensure your sewer and drains are properly serving you. If you have questions or concerns about your drains or sewer system, call (630) 504-9594 to connect with an Aquaduct Plumbing professional.

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