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Aquaduct Plumbing helps ensure always-flowing water for your home or business in the Fox Valley region.

  • Water Filtration & Conditioning
  • Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Sump Pumps, Ejector Pumps & Battery Backups
  • Pipes & Leaks

Plumbing: Much More Than Pipes

We typically don’t think much about our plumbing – until it stops working. Then we realize how much we depend on it each day.

Modern plumbing is so efficient that we can simply turn on a faucet and expect a safe pour of water, which hasn’t always been the case over time. The delivery of our water supply today results from the equal science and art provided by highly trained and intuitive licensed plumbers.

Beyond routing water, unclogging drains and fixing leaks, plumbers provide people with vital support such as:

safeguarding health. Many people might not think of them as such, but plumbers are front-line health workers. Qualified plumbers design and install plumbing systems that give access to clean water sources to be used for everything from drinking, cooking and bathing to cleaning industrial kitchens and sanitizing operating rooms. Healthy populations aren’t possible without clean water.

waste removal. Proper plumbing ensures the safe disposal of toxic liquids and waste, including sewage. This allows us to keep our clean water separate from contaminants.

water conservation & reuse. Because clean water is a finite resource, it must be consumed wisely. Plumbers allow us to make better use of available supplies through greater knowledge, technology and water management. Professional plumbing further reduces the amount of water used through faucets, toilets, showerheads and other fixtures and appliances. More-efficient plumbing and reduced water use means less water heated and transported as well, resulting in energy savings.

Plumbing also simply brings greater comfort and beauty into our homes and lives. Clean, flowing, potable water contributes to pleasing meals in the kitchen and soothing showers and baths in the bathroom.

Plumbing: Intangibles Matter

At Aquaduct, we understand that when you have a plumbing issue, you need a swift solution provided with skill. You look for timely, attentive communication as well, and when the service is done, you want to feel it has been resolved and you won’t have to call again.

After years of interacting with customers, we understand other potential concerns you may have:

information. You want full awareness of the how and why of your plumbing situation, and you want it explained clearly and simply. Aquaduct looks beyond fixing your problem: We also want to make you an even smarter, more confident plumbing consumer.

disruption. Depending on the situation, plumbing can be a disruptive undertaking. We know you want your issue resolved with the least amount of interruption to your daily routine. Aquaduct Plumbing goes to great lengths to protect and maintain your home or office as we work. This includes always using floor tarps and wearing shoe coverings.

cost. As a consumer, you want the proper value for what you pay for a service. Our cost represents the true expense of our labor, material and professional skill for a correctly performed solution. Intentional value to you is factored into our calculations.

Plumbing: Why Choose Aquaduct?

When you seek a professional service, you look for expertise in an area where you believe you will achieve better results than if you tried to do it yourself.

Plumbing is no exception. The system that keeps water flowing is intricate, and one failing component can notably impact others. In addition to safety and health, correctly functioning plumbing helps protect your home and belongings from damage.

Choosing Aquaduct for professional plumbing service can save you money, time and effort while reinforcing your feeling that you’ve made the right decision toward the outcome you desire.

Aquaduct is a fully licensed, bonded and insured neighborhood service provider with staff from local communities. Because we are family-owned and -operated, nothing can get “kicked upstairs,” nor can we explain away why something isn’t working out as you’d expected because of a vast system or other departments and faraway representatives. Our specialists are your first and only contact for maintenance, repair and installation.

We further bring the right products to you and, with a professional’s precision, ensure they serve you correctly. Because we are close and connected to your community, you will also find that our communication with you is responsive and attentive in ways you’d expect from a neighbor you know, including if you find yourself in an emergency.

Your advantages also carry to costs. As an independent business, we do not have to account for franchise fees and royalties. Our self-sufficiency further allows us to not have to invest in consultants for how to run a service operation. If a business is paying these extra expenses, they will influence the prices you see on estimates and invoices.

Plumbing: Excellence of Product & Workmanship

One-stop shops for anything we could possibly need are great for buying light bulbs, pet supplies and family-size cereal boxes, but when it comes to the systems that support daily living, acute specialization is crucial.

All day every day, Aquaduct focuses on water systems and treatment. For that reason, we carry and represent only those products we have vetted for performance and quality. All products we install are made in the USA. They also are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and a one-year labor warranty (except for drain cleaning).

Plumbing: Flexible Financing

Many of us have income and budget ranges we look to operate in. Not everyone is in a position to pay cash every time something such as a badly clogged drain, a broken water heater or a failing sump pump pops up.

Aquaduct accommodates you by making the service you need flexibly affordable according to your finances. Our pricing is precise and up-front – you know what you’re paying and why before we begin. We also offer 0% financing for your choice of 12 to 60 months.

Sometimes you’ll also find us knocking a bit from the price. If you need plumbing service, just mention our website offer and we’ll subtract $50 from the cost (except for sewer and drain service, previously completed services and combining with other current offers).

Plumbing: Investment in the Community

A thriving, connected community is one with citizens who reciprocate: They receive, and they give. Aquaduct Plumbing devotes its spirit and skill to always-flowing water for our local service areas, and as we are rewarded for our efforts, we invest right back into those communities.

Just a few of our involvements in local initiatives include:

providing Thanksgiving meals and plumbing equipment and service for the 3:11 Project

donating all copper we collect from jobs throughout the year for recycling to benefit charitable organizations

supporting community drives to collect clothing and other needed resources for East View Academy in Oswego

Plumbing: Call Aquaduct Today

Proper plumbing is integral to your home or business as well as the quality of the day. Whether for sewer & drain, kitchen & bathroom or water filtration & conditioning, we are here to contribute to clean, always-flowing water for you. To speak with an Aquaduct professional about residential or commercial plumbing, give us a call at (630) 504-9594!

Join the Aquaduct community online! Follow us on Facebook for news and updates, special announcements, seasonal plumbing tips, and dialogue with us and our customers.

State of Illinois Department of Public Health License ILPCL #055-044934

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* Does not apply to sewer and drain cleaning. Not valid with other offers or prior services.

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