Plumbers Protect The Health of The Nation

Aquaduct Plumbing Services' top priority is and always has been the health, safety, and well-being of our customers, employees, and communities. We are prepared to service you and made extra adjustments to the changes brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We hope that you and your families, friends, and coworkers all remain safe and…

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Plumbing Tips for Spring

As you begin your yearly “spring cleaning”, don’t forget your plumbing! To help you out here is a list of  plumbing tips to get you ready for the SPRING SEASON.   CHECK SPIGOTS AND HOSES FOR LEAKS Make sure you check your spigots and hoses for any leaks from the harsh winter. This commonly occurs…

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Time to talk about Garbage Disposals!

First things first, what is a garbage disposal? Well, a garbage disposal or garburator in Canadian English, is a device below a sink that shreds food products so the waste can be easily passed through plumbing. Using a garbage disposal is an efficient way to dispose, no pun intended, of food waste that would ultimately…

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Tips to Maintain a Healthy Sewer System

Until there is a problem, your sewer system is likely out of sight, out of mind. But waiting until there are symptoms of sewer trouble may be too late to avoid a costly and perhaps damaging repair. What Is My Responsibility? If you are connected to the municipal sewer system, everything from the sidewalk to the…

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Traditional vs Tankless Water Heaters

Overview of how a traditional water heater works There are two general types of traditional water heaters. Gas fueled water heaters and electric water heaters. Gas powered water heaters require a natural gas line into the home, although some appliances can be converted to run on propane, it is not recommended to do so unless…

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How to Thaw and Prevent Frozen Pipes

What causes pipes to freeze and rupture Below freezing temperatures and a lack of circulating water can cause almost any pipe to freeze. However, a frozen pipe does not necessarily cause extensive damage. Some plastic and copper pipes will burst or crack if frozen and will then leak after thawed or while thawing. If you…

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