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Architects of Home Aquaducts

Aquaduct Plumbing was founded in 2010 as the vision of our two executive owners, Jason and Vanessa Kapus, who had the desire to change how plumbing service is seen and provided in the Illinois Fox Valley region.

Originating from the 16th century Latin term aquaeductus (“conveyance of water”), an aqueduct is a channel for conducting water (aqua), usually by means of gravity. In ancient times, aqueducts were the form of plumbing on which societies greatly depended. They served as complex mechanisms for the simplified delivery of water, which could flow freely from town to town for much-needed use and consumption.

Today’s plumbing systems are their own type of aqueducts that homeowners rely on. Jason and Vanessa recognized they could apply a complex understanding of plumbing’s inner workings to ensure the easy flow of water for homes. They could also translate sophisticated industry-speak into simple language that customers could understand.

Jason and Vanessa formally incorporated Aquaduct Plumbing in February 2015. Today, our team includes seven dedicated members. All personnel undergo a strict screening process for professional ability and aptitude and a commitment to the company’s values and vision. Team members must also pass thorough background checks and complete both company training and a new-hire trial period.

After joining Aquaduct, staff continue their professional development in the trade’s latest skills and product knowledge. Our license with the Illinois Department of Public Health further mandates that we submit an annual record of our continuing education based on current riders to our plumbing license.

Into the future, we will seek to further grow our team with the ablest hands, the brightest minds and a passion for the vocation. We will also further pursue independent thought and innovation in providing our customers the most effective, affordable ways to make the best plumbing decisions.

Aquaduct Plumbing Awards & Recognition

  • 2020 – Best PlumberKendall County Chronicle
  • 2020 – Best Plumbing CompanyExpertise (Independent Study)
  • 2019 – Best PlumberKendall County Chronicle
  • 2019 – Best Plumbing CompanyExpertise (Independent Study)
  • 2018 – Best PlumberKane County Chronicle
  • 2017 – Best Plumbing Company Expertise (Independent Study)
  • 2016 – Best Plumbing CompanyExpertise (Independent Study)

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss your plumbing for your home. To connect with an Aquaduct Plumbing professional, simply call (630) 504-9594.

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