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Commercial Plumbing

commercial plumbingAquaduct Plumbing supports the Illinois Fox Valley with the commercial services and repairs that are essential to daily business activities.

Commercial buildings depend on a correctly installed series of pipes, valves and pumps to provide water that is clean, clear and safe. The pipes consistently carry the water through the building while the pumps and valves control the water pressure and flow.

Beyond water distribution, skilled commercial plumbing ensures proper water drainage, including the removal of wastewater. For businesses, this can require powerful gravity or pumping equipment for moving water out, as well as correct venting to prevent airlock and maintain optimal pressure.

Commercial Plumbing: Primary Factors

Professional skill, experience and equipment are vital to water flow and performance within commercial plumbing.

At Aquaduct, our commercial plumbing is often defined by its:

complexity. Business buildings may serve many people through many sinks, toilets, outlets and pipes – including on multiple floors, which can impact water pressure as well. This calls for a mastery of system aspects such as water-supply lines and drainage systems.

components. A commercial operation’s high water usage often involves elaborate system schematics, equipment and materials.

scale and scope. On average, a commercial building might use more than 20,000 gallons of water per day. This constantly intense draw upon a water system can increase the possibility of leaky pipes, clogged drains, backed-up toilets and failing fixtures, all of which can become disruptive for a business. As the building size and water use increase, specialized heavy-duty fixtures and appliances are needed.

regulations and building codes. Illinois and its municipalities have established laws concerning the safe delivery of water. As trained and licensed professional plumbers, Aquaduct ensures compliance with commercial codes and regulations.

Commercial Plumbing: Business Types

Commercial plumbing is as varied as the businesses and industries it serves. Aquaduct Plumbing provides the commercial installation, repair and maintenance needed for diverse systems such as those at offices, schools, warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores, entertainment venues and apartment complexes.

Proficiency in these wide-ranging areas requires risk assessment and management shaped by thorough education and experience. For example, properly licensed and trained commercial plumbers such as those at Aquaduct recognize how a leaking pipe will affect multiple floors of a building as well has how to correct the problem with minimal disruption and damage.

Commercial Plumbing: Repiping & Modifications

The plumbing in commercial buildings typically undergoes much greater usage and stress than that in residential homes. This is especially true if the building was built before 2000. Pipes installed prior to then often included outdated material such as galvanized steel or lead, which can result in greater leaks and corrosion as it ages.

Just a few signs of failing pipes can include:

  • lower water pressure
  • dark flakes in water
  • leaks
  • odd-tasting water
  • rust-colored water

  • water that is slow to heat up
  • fluctuating water temperatures
  • clogs
  • constant repairs
  • higher water bills

If you notice any of these symptoms, Aquaduct can inspect your commercial plumbing and determine whether repiping or a different repair or modification would best serve you.

We ensure efficient commercial water delivery through repiping and other modifications that make the system current with safety and performance standards.

If your commercial pipes are deficient or deteriorating, we will replace or repair them with premium new materials such as Type L copper, brass, cast iron or ductile iron. We also provide your commercial repiping or modification with minimal disruption to daily business activities.

Commercial Plumbing: Fixtures

Public bathroom sinksWhether in the bathroom, a break room, the basement or a utility closet, properly functioning water fixtures support commercial operations each day.

Aquaduct Plumbing specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of commercial water fixtures and appliances, including commercial water heaters, water pumps and recirculation pumps.

Commercial water heaters supply hot water throughout your operation. Aquaduct Plumbing installs, repairs and maintains commercial water heaters that ensure your building has access to hot water throughout.

Commercial water pumps remove excess water from areas prone to greater flooding or water accumulation. In addition, they help dispose of stagnant water that can become problematic. Commercial water pumps also deliver water for cooling, routing out wastewater and powering machines.

Commercial recirculation pumps support the water heater by recirculating heated water. Larger buildings and spaces have more area for water to cross in displacing water made tepid after use. As the water in the distant pipes cools, the recirculation pump returns it to the water heater for circulation back to the distant areas. It also assists the central plumbing system by recirculating water to reach areas farther from it.

Commercial recirculation pumps are made to run constantly during business hours. For this reason, they often include features such as automatic controls and a built-in 24-hour clock that allows them to identify and respond to peak periods.

Aquaduct specializes in commercial toilet & urinal repair and replacement as well.

Commercial Plumbing: ADA Compliance & Accessibility

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 27% of U.S. adults have some form of disability. Today’s operations have a legal obligation to observe and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which ensures that businesses provide reasonable accommodations to qualified employees with disabilities.

For commercial plumbing, these accommodations often include minimum clearances for accessibility as well as features such as grab bars, lowered sinks and hands-free faucets.

Aquaduct’s professional plumbers ensure your commercial fixtures satisfy the ADA regulations. Beyond proper accessibility, our services also contribute to your inclusive environment and even the visual and stylistic appeal of your business atmosphere.

In addition to safeguarding your business from costly non-compliance, our proficiency with commercial ADA fixture installation, repair and maintenance helps prevent expensive retrofitting in the future.

Commercial Plumbing: Additional Advantages

Aquaduct serves your business beyond factors such as repiping, fixtures and ADA compliance and accessibility. We also reinforce commercial plumbing attributes such as:

backflow prevention. The correct installation of high-quality backflow-prevention devices is critical to the safety and health of all who use your water supply, as well as to regulatory compliance.

water conservation. We can help you reduce water consumption and costs with fixtures such as low-flow toilets and sensor-activated faucets.

water filtration and conditioning. With Aquaduct, you can raise the quality and safety of your water through systems that resolve the ways it can become impure. This can be particularly important for businesses such as restaurants and healthcare facilities. Aquaduct water filtration and conditioning also improves your water’s taste, look and smell, making it much more enjoyable for consumption.

Commercial Plumbing: Call Aquaduct Today

At Aquaduct Plumbing, we dedicate the best of our resources to keeping your commercial water supply safe, healthy, operative and clean. To further discuss how we can support the commercial plumbing so integral to your operations, contact us at (630) 504-9594!

All products installed by Aquaduct Plumbing are made in the USA. They are also backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and a service warranty.

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