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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Snaking out pipe under sinkAquaduct Plumbing provides you with the service and skill for keeping the water flowing in your kitchen and bathroom. We also specialize in bath and kitchen plumbing that supports your desired décor.

Rough-In Plumbing

Rough plumbing involves installing water and sewer lines that will be needed for service to your home. To achieve this, pipes are typically routed through wall cavities, vent stacks are run to the roof, and drain and water-supply lines are connected to the septic system or main water-supply valves. Whether for new construction or future remodeling, Aquaduct completes this work for you safely and efficiently according to proper code for inspection.

Final Trim

Final trim, or finish plumbing, is the work that takes place after interior finishing such as plaster or drywall. During this phase, we remove the caps on drain and water-supply pipes to install water-supply lines and valves. This also includes below-sink drain assemblies as well as hookups for appliances such as dishwashers, icemakers and washing machines.

New-Faucet Installation

Installation of a kitchen or bathroom faucet might be a replacement of an old one or an attractive way to refresh your kitchen or bathroom. Aquaduct installs your new or replacement faucets accurately so they look and perform as they should.

Garbage Disposal Failures

Your garbage disposal is a valuable tool for disposing of food waste and helping to keep your drains clear. Because it’s mechanical, over time it can run into issues such as a faulty motor, leaks caused by bad screws or gaskets, and poor drainage due to a dulled shredder or a damaged flywheel. Aquaduct gets to the root of the problem and corrects it.

Leaky Faucets

Chances are you’ve dealt with a leaky faucet before. Sometimes the drip is caused by the faucet not being securely turned off. At other times, the faucet might need a new component for its many detailed parts. Just one dripping faucet can waste up to 15 gallons of water in one month, so it should never be overlooked for long. If your kitchen or bathroom faucet won’t stop leaking water, let Aquaduct know to restore the right flow.

Sink Clogs and Drains

Anyone who’s had a kitchen or bathroom sink back up on them understands the problem it can quickly become. Drains work hard to deal with a barrage of substances such as food, oils, hair and hygiene products, and sometimes those materials overaccumulate. Aquaduct clears both major and minor clogs for water that perfectly drains.

New Toilet Repair and Installation

Toilets absorb constant daily usage for many years. With that much performance and wear, repairs can become inevitable or the toilet might need replacement. Whether you’re repairing a toilet, replacing it or installing a new one for a remodel, Aquaduct’s plumbing technicians take a big job and make it simple with minimal mess and disruption.

Call Aquaduct Today

We welcome each opportunity to make sure your plumbing serves your kitchen or bathroom correctly. If you have questions or concerns about the plumbing in your kitchen or bath, call (630) 504-9594 to connect with an Aquaduct Plumbing professional.

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