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Emergency Services

Few people enjoy an emergency. Emergencies also can vary in urgency or severity, such as a flat tire vs. a house fire.

While not all plumbing emergencies might be severe, they are usually urgent. There’s not much time to put off flooding, water leaks or a system-stopping backup. Without attention from a professional plumber, such problems can range from major inconvenience to home or property damage, as well as risks to personal health.

Aquaduct Plumbing resolves critical water problems with responsive emergency plumbing services that properly mitigate damage, risk and inconvenience while returning your water flow and delivery to normal.

We are fully trained, equipped and experienced in all forms of emergency plumbing from minor leaks to house flooding. Should you need an “emergency plumber near me,” we can swiftly respond to diagnose the issue and provide the solution.

Emergency plumbing applies to services provided outside of standard business hours (8am to 4pm Monday through Friday) as well as on weekends and holidays. An emergency rate will apply and may vary depending on the location of the plumbing emergency.

Plumbing Emergency: Symptoms

In many cases, the need for emergency plumbing will be obvious, such as with a burst pipe, a failing water heater or water that enters the home.

In other instances, the issue may begin to introduce itself gradually before appearing as a full crisis. The following are a few signs of a problem that may be heading toward a need for emergency plumbing services.

Symptom: Dripping or pooling water where it shouldn’t be, such as near a fixture, on the floor or from the ceiling
Potential indication: A break or leak in a pipe

Symptom: Banging or clanging noises from pipes
Potential indication: A pipe getting ready to burst

Symptom: Drains that are slow or not draining at all
Potential indication: A clog that needs to be cleared before a backup worsens

Symptom: Drains with a foul smell or water coming up through them
Potential indication: Sewer could be backing up

If you notice these signs or others you suspect are problematic, be sure to let Aquaduct know right away. Ideally we can correct the issue before emergency plumbing services are required. Should you ever need a same-day plumber, we’ll respond to you swiftly.

Plumbing Emergency: Causes

While the reasons leading to emergency plumbing services can vary widely, some inherent traits of how plumbing works can sometimes lead to vulnerabilities.

The water pressure that delivers fresh water throughout the house is higher and the pressure that carries it away is lower. These changes can sometimes create strain on the pipes. Pressure change is typically the main source of issues that can develop into emergencies.

The same higher pressure that sends potable water to a showerhead or a lawn sprinkler also drives water through a leaky faucet or defective pipe. Even a slow leak can lose up to 15 gallons of water in a day.

For wastewater drainage, if a blockage is present, the normal gravitational pull may not be enough to draw the wastewater through the drain. A greater force is typically needed to clear the clog.

Other plumbing issues that can lead to emergency services might be corroded or deteriorating pipes or failures by aging or outdated water-using fixtures or appliances. 

Plumbing Emergency Services: Most Common

In our experience serving the Fox Valley region, we’ve found that the following are usually the most common emergencies calling for a same-day plumber. 

Burst Pipes
Where a leaky faucet is easy enough to recognize, pipes could be defective for different reasons. If you detect a pipe leak, have it attended to promptly, because even a small pipe drip can turn into a much greater threat to property, as well as to personal health if mold begins to develop.

Clogged Drains
To operate properly, pipes must be free of obstructions that prevent the travel of water to the local sewer system. If water starts backing up anywhere inside the house, it can fast become a problem that needs to be resolved just as quickly.

Sewage Backups
Sewer pipes need to be clear of interference so they can carry wastewater away from the home and to the local sewer system. Just a few causes of a sewage backup can be accruing materials such as hair, grease, food scraps and paper towels; intrusion of tree roots into the pipe; and a pipe that is corroded, cracked or collapsed.

Water Heater Leaking or No Hot Water
Leaks around the water heater can suggest issues such as tank corrosion, loose heating-element bolts or a faulty pressure-relief valve. Similarly, no or insufficient hot water can result from a malfunctioning heating element or excessive sediment buildup in the tank.

Plumbing Emergency: What to Do & How to Prevent 

It’s only normal to feel panic when a plumbing emergency appears. If you have a plumbing emergency, you can respond with calm and command as you prepare to contact Aquaduct Plumbing. 

Depending on your circumstances, the first thing you may need to do is turn off the water supply (either at the fixture or to the entire house). This can help you contain the situation and minimize further water damage.

If there is flooding, shut off any power that supplies an area you need to work or move around in. In some cases, it’s possible you may know how to manage water intrusion under 1/2″. If the flooding is 1/2″ or higher, you’ll typically need professional water-damage support.

Should you notice any sewer or gas odors during a plumbing emergency, be sure to contact us right away.

You can help prevent plumbing emergencies simply by being alert to both the obvious and subtle symptoms. If you ever have a question or concern, or would like more insight into what or may not be an issue with your water system, simply give us a call!

Other proactive steps you can take include:

having your home plumbing system periodically inspected and maintained

keeping drains clear of materials that can clog them, including using drain guards

occasionally checking for leaks and examining pipe conditions

If your plumbing system is older, you might also consider upgrading pipes and fixtures as a conscientious measure against a plumbing emergency. Outdated components are more vulnerable to failure and wear, as well as less efficient with water use and delivery.

Emergency Plumber Near Me: Call Aquaduct Today

When you have a plumbing issue, you need a swift solution provided with skill and communication, and when the service is done, you want to feel it has been resolved and you won’t have to call again. If you have a plumbing emergency and need an “emergency plumber near me,” contact us at (630) 504-9594!

Fully bonded and insured plumbing professionals
Licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Public Health (ILPCL #055-044934) 

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