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Plainfield (IL) Sump Pump

Plainfield IL Sump Pump RepairIn a perfect world, a home in Plainfield (IL) is unaffected by heavy rainfall and spring run-off of snow. The earth simply absorbs the uncountable gallons of water and keeps it comfortably away from foundations and basements.

But as we know, the earth isn’t that cooperative. Massive amounts of groundwater can close in on our homes and find entry through any available openings. The result from seepage might be a minor trickle or a major flood – either way, most of us would probably prefer to not test fate.

At the same time, some statistics suggest that close to 60% of American homeowners contend with flooding each year. Proper drainage is vital.

Aquaduct Plumbing specializes in professionally installed durable cast-iron sump pumps that protect Plainfield homes from water intrusion.

Plainfield (IL) Sump Pump: What It Does

Installed in a basin (pit) at a Plainfield home’s lowest point (e.g. basement or crawl space), the sump pump remains on stand-by until excess water gathers in the basin and activates the unit. The sump pump then re-routes the water pushing it out and away.

Without a properly functioning sump pump of good quality, a Plainfield home becomes much more exposed to the water pressing in on it. This is especially true if the foundation has gaps, cracks or insufficient drainage.

Plainfield (IL) Sump Pump: What to Watch For

In addition to providing sump pump installation, repair and inspection, Aquaduct serves Plainfield as a professional resource for getting the most from your system with the right information and maintenance.

One of several things we reinforce with our Plainfield sump pump customers is understanding what can cause a unit to fail. If you ever find your sump pump is struggling, it could be because of:

no power. Probably the main reason a sump pump malfunctions, this can occur because of an outage during a storm. 

incorrect installation. A sump pump that is not the right size for the home and the pit will typically be a problem. The pit also should not be set in gravel or dirt.

discharge pipe (also called the flex hose). If the pipe becomes frozen or clogged, the water that the sump pump should be directing away will not be shifted. This can create a major backup that can damage the unit while allowing moisture or flooding.

float switch. A broken float switch will make the sump pump think it needs to keep pumping even when that’s not the case.

house position. The sump pump’s rate of operation can be affected by how the home is situated – e.g. on a hill or near a certain spot relative to the water table.

Because many units will last from 5 to 10 years depending on the manufacturer, another leading cause of sump pump failure in Plainfield is simple old age.

If your home is newer but you haven’t replaced the sump pump in a while, or if the home is older with an aged unit, you could be more vulnerable to water intrusion. This is why we also encourage our Plainfield customers to have a proper back-up system for extra security.

Plainfield (IL) Sump Pump: Why a Battery Backup

The power can go out during severe weather in Plainfield, and without electricity, a sump pump cannot keep water away from your home.

At other times, a pump’s operation might be compromised by dirt, rocks and sticks that may have gathered in the basin. This debris can clog the unit’s intake screen. Another cause of sump failure can be an unsecured power cord that moves into the path of the float switch, which tells the sump when to act.

Aquaduct professionally installs sump pump battery backups that ensure your drainage system will continue working if other factors interfere with the main pump. A battery backup also will switch on if there’s too much water for the main pump to handle, which can be common in flood-prone areas in Plainfield.

In addition, a battery backup will alert you – usually with a warning light or alarm sound – if the main pump fails or starts to malfunction. Ask Aquaduct about a wireless web-based alarm system that can send you a text message to notify you wherever you are.

Plainfield (IL) Sump Pump: Contact Aquaduct Today

Your home and your property are valuable. You can avoid water intrusion and maintain peace of mind with the proper sump pump and backup battery in Plainfield. We can help you choose the system that will best serve you according to the size, function and level of use that you need. Just give us a call at (630) 504-9594!

All products installed by Aquaduct Plumbing are made in the USA. They are also backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and a service warranty for both installation and repair of sump pumps and backup batteries.

Did you know? Having a backup battery sump pump can result in a discount with some Plainfield homeowners’ insurance policies.

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