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Plainfield (IL) Battery Backup Sump Pump

Battery backup sump pump systemIf your home in Plainfield has a basement or a crawl space, there’s a decent chance you have a sump pump.

Because of its location in the house, you might not think of the sump pump often, but you absolutely depend on it. You need it to operate when excess rain and groundwater run in, and you need it to continue running should the power go out during bad weather.

Aquaduct specializes in the professional installation of high-performing sump pumps for Plainfield (IL). Just as important, we supply and properly install battery backups.

How Does Your Plainfield (IL) Sump System Work?

Rain and groundwater building up around a home is indifferent to what it might have to move past and around, including your foundation. If your Plainfield basement or crawl space has any gaps or cracks in it, they are ports of entry for water seepage that can potentially flood the area and damage property.

A well-functioning sump pump installed and maintained by Aquaduct provides you with your primary defense against water that is pressing in. The pump achieves this by channeling the water out to the sump pit, which is the lowest point of your crawl space or basement. As the water gathers there, the device pumps it out to a storm drain or catch basin well beyond the foundation. 

All is well with this process as long as the power supply is available, the pump is maintained and working right, and the sump pit is not compromised by debris and objects that may have gathered there. Otherwise, the primary pump can stop working, allowing flooding and leakage – something you can prevent with a battery backup.

Battery Backup Sump Pump for Plainfield (IL)

Though it might sound like it is one, a battery backup installed by Aquaduct isn’t really a battery. It is a pump system that can activate separately if the main pump ceases to operate. Many battery backup pumps run on 24- or 12-volt DC power.

Aquaduct’s technicians will install the battery backup in the pit at the same depth as the main pump so the backup will engage as if it were the main pump. The battery backup’s float switch will activate the backup when the water level inside your home rises in the pit, making the float switch rise as well. If the main pump doesn’t run, the float switch will prompt the backup into action.

Once activated, the battery backup will continue removing excess water from around your home. It also will indicate in text on its panel the specific problem (e.g. power outage, main pump switch failure). If your battery backup also is connected to the WiFi app, you will receive alerts on your phone as well. These notifications can be particularly useful if you are out of town and your basement or crawl space requires attention (e.g. you can inform the housesitter or a neighbor of the issue). 

With a fully charged battery, many battery backups can operate for up to several days. This typically provides ample time to address any issues with the main pump. Newer battery backups also often have export terminals, which means they can connect to an auto-dialer that can send alerts to designated apps or contact numbers. 

What If I Don’t Have a Battery Backup in Plainfield (IL)?

To determine if you should have a battery backup for your sump pump in Plainfield, you can consider a few different things:

  • Is your Plainfield home in a flood zone?
  • How often do you experience power outages during the year?
  • Does your main sump pump run with noticeable frequency when it rains?
  • Do you have a finished basement, or do you keep property of value in the basement or crawl space that could be ruined or damaged by flooding?

If you can answer yes to even just one of these questions, having Aquaduct install a battery backup for your sump pump system is a smart thing to do.

What’s the Right Backup Sump for Me in Plainfield (IL)?

Having a battery backup at your Plainfield home has obvious benefits. The backup also is typically easy to maintain if you have the right device for your home.

If on the other hand the battery backup is not the right size or type, or it isn’t compatible with the main pump, you can likely still run into problems.

Professional battery backup installation with Aquaduct ensures you have the right unit. Beyond advising you about the proper backup with the right power capacity, we also can inform you about how to prolong the longevity of both your main and backup systems.

We further can advise you about the costs of installing a battery backup and help you determine the best unit for what you need within your budget. Just a few cost factors for a battery backup in Plainfield can include:

  • battery type. Most backups run on either a solar battery or an AGM (absorbent glass mat) battery. We can explain the differences between them for you. 
  • build quality. A proper battery backup sump pump should be made of durable materials so it can perform well under strain as well as last a longer time. Many systems in Plainfield are cast iron or stainless steel.
  • brand and model. The backup system’s brand and model will influence the installation cost. For example, Tramco and Aquanot® systems are known for their quality and performance and therefore priced accordingly.
  • installation. If a backup system must be installed in an area such as a tight crawlspace, the total cost may reflect that difficulty.

Once you’ve decided on the optimal battery backup for your Plainfield home, Aquaduct will attach the unit to the wall, connect the proper cables with their terminals, plug in the backup and then test its compatibility with the main unit. 

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The waterproofing experts at Aquaduct Plumbing serve Plainfield homeowners with choosing, installing, repairing and maintaining sump pumps and battery backup systems. Ensure your home has the most powerful and durable defense it can get against flooding and leaks – call us at (630) 504-9594! 

Plainfield (IL): Did You Know?

Having a backup battery system can result in a discount with some homeowners insurance policies.

All products installed by Aquaduct Plumbing are made in the USA. They are also backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and a service warranty for both installation and repair of sump pumps and backup batteries.

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