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Oswego (IL) Water Filtration

Consider the different ways you need and use water at home in Oswego (IL). You depend on it to drink, cook, wash and bathe. It is vital every day.

At the same time, water supply and quality can differ among locations. This can become a particular issue when it involves drinking water.

Drinking water from a faucet can be hit or miss depending on the water source and system. The Environmental Protection Agency has identified hundreds of pollutants in U.S. drinking water, such as pesticides, household chemicals and bacterial contaminants. Others can be old food, discarded medications and dirty bath water.

All of these impurities gather in a central depository called a reclamation center. There, the water is processed and then reintroduced to the potable water system with added minerals and high amounts of chlorine and fluoride.

Purity Obstacle: Water Hardness

Another common issue with water quality is hard water, which is water that contains high levels of dissolved minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium.

Water hardness is determined by the parts per million (ppm) of calcium carbonate the water contains. While ranges can vary among reporting agencies, general guidelines for water-hardness classification are:

soft water – 0 to 60 ppm

moderately hard water – 61 to 120 ppm

hard water – 121 to 180 ppm

very hard water – more than 180 ppm

With an average water hardness of around 200 ppm, Illinois is a very hard–water state. The following are a few different hardness numbers within our northern Illinois region:

  • Chicago: 148 ppm
  • Rockford: 308 ppm
  • Aurora: 127 ppm

  • Naperville: 288 ppm
  • Rockford: 308 ppm
  • Lombard: 344 ppm

Water Hardness in Oswego (IL)

The water hardness in Oswego (IL) is 260 ppm, classifying it as very hard. Signs of hard water in Oswego might include:

  • metallic taste
  • a rusty or rotten-egg smell
  • mineral build-up around faucets

  • soap scum in the shower
  • spotty, filmy or cloudy glasses after washing
  • dry or itchy skin or dull hair after washing

As one instance among these, a rotten-egg smell in water is caused by high levels of sulfur bacteria and hydrogen sulfide gas. This happens when water contacts certain minerals or organic matter.

Sulfur bacteria usually do not pose a direct hazard, but they do promote the growth of materials that can become problematic, such as iron that can clog well and plumbing systems. Frequent contact with high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas can compromise personal health.

Even if you’re not dealing with dangerous levels of sulfur bacteria and hydrogen sulfide, using impure water to wash, bathe or clean can be unpleasant, and it’s certainly not ideal for drinking. Other factors that impair the taste and quality of drinking water are:

chlorine. Too much from municipal water treatment plants can give the water a flat taste that irritates your taste buds while also making the water smell.

total dissolved solids (TDS). A high level of TDS such as magnesium and calcium will give water a bad taste. It may also produce harder water that corrodes plumbing pipes and affects appliances such as the dishwasher and the washing machine.

algae or fungal attack. In spite of municipal water treatment, microorganisms can often infiltrate tap water by entering the supply from plumbing in the home. As they accumulate, they can give your water a dirty smell and a fishy taste.

heavy metals. Iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, aluminum and chromium will alter the taste of drinking water, as well as make it unsanitary. Copper in particular can create a bitter, medicinal taste.

Still other sources of impure water can be soil, fertilizers and toxic seepage.

A Refreshing Solution: Oswego (IL) Water Filtration

If you don’t care for the current look, taste, color or smell of your water in Oswego, you might have already switched to bottled water or a separate water dispenser. If so, you might also still be using the compromised water to brush your teeth, cook and bathe.

Aquaduct Plumbing helps Oswego homeowners greatly improve their water quality with whole-house water filtration systems. For what you might spend on a daily cup of coffee, you can enjoy fresh, clean, refreshing water for drinking and other uses for years. You also won’t need to concern yourself with separate filters and system maintenance.

To make your water taste, look and smell better, the system includes a canister filter installed in your main water line. As your water is flowing into the filter, it passes through granulated activated carbon that removes impurities such as those we’ve discussed. It then continues into your home ready for consumption.

You’ll be surprised by the level of quality the system achieves. Beyond being more enjoyable to drink and use, the purer water preserves the life of your plumbing and water-using appliances. It also removes the need to rely on bottled water and the plastic waste that accompanies it. Your water filtration system contributes to health, cleaner laundry and dishes, and softer skin as well.

Beyond Water Filtration for Oswego (IL)

Water filtration for Oswego is an excellent solution for greater water quality, but it’s also not the only one. Aquaduct Plumbing likewise enhances water quality with water conditioners, which remove harmful chemicals such as chlorine from water.

Water conditioners don’t soften water, but by removing harmful chemicals, they still reduce the effects of hard water on pipes, faucets and drains. Many Oswego homeowners also prefer water conditioners over water softeners because they use much less water, require less maintenance and typically cost less to install.

Because of prevailing thought, many Oswego homeowners may believe that water softeners are the way to go for better water, but there’s a few things about including sodium for softening they might not be aware of. The water-quality specialists at Aquaduct can fully inform you about the pros and cons of using a water softener.

Oswego (IL) Water Filtration: Contact Aquaduct Today

As an Oswego community business, we care about water quality for the village and its residents. If you have questions or doubts about your water quality at home, or if you’re simply interested in using and drinking purer water, we’d be glad to share more about what you can achieve with water filtration and conditioning. Just give us a call at (630) 504-9594!

All products installed by Aquaduct Plumbing are made in the USA.

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Did you know? As Oswego residents may be aware, the village is looking to switch to Lake Michigan water by the end of the decade. Lake Michigan’s current water hardness is 130 ppm – one half of Oswego’s (260 ppm).

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