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Montgomery IL Hose Bibs (Spigots)

Typically located on the side or rear of your home in Montgomery (IL), the hose bib is the outdoor faucet or spigot (pick your word) to which you attach your garden hose. You likely need and appreciate the hose bib for different outdoor purposes, such as washing the car, watering the garden or lawn, or filling an inflatable pool for the kids.

It’s a great convenience – until it starts to leak, which can develop into a real problem. A leaky hose bib (again, some call it a spigot) can use a lot of excess water and potentially cause inner or outer damage to your home.

Aquaduct Plumbing specializes in hose bib knowledge, maintenance and repair for Montgomery homeowners.

Leaking Montgomery (IL) Hose Bib: Symptoms

Unlike indoor faucets – which often use cartridge-like devices – hose bibs have a compression-style design for controlling water flow.

A brass, copper or stainless steel faucet is opened and closed by spinning a wheel or a handle. The wheel or handle connects to a valve stem with threads and a rubber packing washer on the end. The garden hose is turned and fastened onto the threads.

If you notice a hose bib is leaking at your Montgomery home, it’s definitely something to resolve with Aquaduct swiftly even if it begins as just a small drip.

A leaky hose bib might reveal itself in different ways. Just a few indicators might be:

increasing water bills. Should the amount due be more than seems proper, you’ll want to check your water meter. Start by turning off all water sources in your home (e.g. faucets, toilets, appliances, ice makers). Then read your meter in the basement, which is often on the front wall. If the small red triangle is moving, your plumbing system has a leak.

water puddles. If you spot puddles or damp soil around your home’s foundation, many times they will be caused by a leaking hose bib. The excess water from it can saturate an area where it cannot naturally drain fast enough.

fungi. Mold and mildew prosper in moist and humid conditions. If your foundation is soaked from a leaky hose bib, these fungi may begin to develop, and once they start spreading they can become a real nuisance.

foundation cracks. Water has a distinctive ability to find its way through even the smallest openings. The drips or steady flow from a hose bib can infiltrate cracks and crevices in your Montgomery home and make them more problematic. In a worsening scenario, the fissures can grow from water expansion and start to flood the basement.

Other signs of a leaky hose bib might be even more obvious, such as a visible crack in the bib, difficulty attaching your hose to the spigot or water that is dripping or spilling from the handle or stem even when the hose is firmly fastened. In some cases, the leak might continue after the hose is turned off.

Leaking Montgomery (IL) Hose Bib: Causes

A hose bib might have different reasons for leaking, such as the following.

Freezing. If any standing water is not drained before the cold of winter, it can freeze in pipes. A frozen pipe can change the water pressure and crack the assembly, including the hose bib. This in turn can lead to additional water damage in or outside the home.

Age. The water passing through the hose bib over time will often deposit minerals that trap water. This will wear the hose bib as it gets older.

Worn washer. The rubber packing washer at the end of the valve stem is there to stop the flow of water. When the washer wears out, the seal that it forms will weaken and let water pass, creating a leak. Washers tend to wear from use, age, heat and cold.

Loose packing nut. Located right behind the hose bib handle, the packing nut uses several wraps of packing material to stop the flow of water from the top of the bib. If it is loose, water will leak.

Bent or dented hose end. Lightweight hose ends can be easily damaged, causing leaks around the connector and the hose bib.

Stripped adapter. The adapter is the circular metal part at the end of the hose that screws onto the hose bib. If the threads on either the adapter or the bib get stripped or worn, a leak can spring.

Montgomery (IL) Hose Bib Solutions & Answers: Contact Aquaduct Today

If you believe you might have a hose bib problem at your Montgomery (IL) home, the professionals at Aquaduct Plumbing can quickly diagnose and correct it. We can also give you ideas for winterizing your external plumbing to prevent issues that can surface in spring. Give us a call at (630) 504-9594 we’ll be glad to assist you!

Montgomery (IL): Did You Know?

What we call a “faucet” in the U.S. (e.g. bathroom faucet, kitchen faucet) is referred to as a “tap” in the U.K. and most Commonwealth countries.

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