Our Work

Rough in Bathroom
Location: Westchester, IL

Rough-in Bathroom

The beginning stages of adding an additional bathroom by the request of our customer. The plumbing includes the installation of an ejector pit with all venting for water closet, vanity and shower. All prior to backfill for support and re-concrete back to grade. Customer completed all framing and finish work.

Water Line Repair
Location: Joliet, IL

Water Line Repair

The beginning stages of excavation for our client that had a broken water service line. The original line was of well service material. Plastic, not (K) Copper. It broke in four different locations and ended up compromising part of the sewer due to blowout and pressure.

Overhear dwv repipe

Location: Hillside, IL Overhead DWV Re-Pipe

Our commercial client had quite a few major stress cracks from his overhead cast iron waste drainage system. As this posed quite a mess and health risk in their day to day operations down below, from the usage above. We had cut out all the original plumbing and re-piped it with SCH 40 PVC for a seamless fit and a permanent solution for endless use, time and time again.

Tankless Water Heater
Location: Geneva, IL

Tankless Water Heater

New installation of a Navien Tankless Water Heater unit. Originally this customer had a 75 gallon power vent water heater. A stand alone unit. This new replacement will supply endless hot water with a considerable cost reduction on gas consumption. Tax Credits and opens more of an overall basement space plan. It’s convenient PVC intake and venting make it very ideal and very affordable.

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